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Welcome to my home page. This is still very much under construction at the moment, and has been for the previous 12 years (yes, really!). But it will always be, since any reasonable Web site should be either being constantly maintained and kept up-to-date, or moribund.

But don't let that stop you having a look around. You may find something of interest, although you won't find lots of useless information, flashy graphics, hot links to kew1 sitez, or counters showing how many have surfed this way before you (except, of course, that they don't - or not accurately anyway). You also won't find any blue ribbons or any whining about the iniquities of the CDA. If you think that these things are really important, then you should try to get out more.

You'll note that none of my pages say "This must be read with Internet Exploder", "Best displayed in Netscrape" or "You need to install 54 different incompatible plugins to view this page". The 'Net should be usable by anyone no matter what computer or software they are using - let's try to keep it that way. Having said that, you should ideally have a table-capable browser (come on, even Lynx can do that!).

[Linux - logo by Larry Ewing, see]

Linux and Related Computer Stuff

The free operating system that everybody has heard of. Not just for hackers, but a real alternative to Microsoft for everyone to use. Try it and see.

If you think that Linux (or Unix in general) is unfriendly, or has no useful software, then you may be pleasantly surprised. There are two excellent graphical desktop environments available now: I prefer the K Desktop Environment but Gnome also shows much promise. There is also free software for pretty much any purpose that could be imagined, including the ultimate editor, graphics package and office suite (take your pick for that, free or commercial).

Go here for much more Linux stuff on the Web.


Acorn/RiscOS Computer Stuff

Most of the computer world, especially abroad, has never heard of Acorn. But they had quietly been designing and producing innovative, powerful and popular desktop machines for home, education and business for nearly twenty years (although sadly no longer).

For more information, try some of the links and pages below.

For more Acorn or RiscOS information, try RISC OS Ltd, now owners and developers of the operating system, or, a user and technical Wiki. Other useful news sites are Archive Magazine (take out a magazine subscription, it's well worth it) and Drobe.

The old Acorn Computers company web site is now totally dead - the new has taken over the name and brand, but is a totally different organisation selling PCs and laptops. No link, because I'm not going to advertise for them. Unfortunately also now dead is the once-very-useful Acorn Cybervillage.


Shameless Advertising


Miscellaneous Bits

Also despair that because of the above link and destination page, I regularly get hits on this site from search engines, using search terms like "how to program a virus" or similar. Forget it, there is no such information here.

Don't forget that - for Micro$oft Windows users at least - the Internet is a dangerous place, mostly due to the activities of the sort of people who search for such information, and those who have moved on from needing to look it up. In particular, using Internet Explorer 6 (yes, there are plenty of you who still do) is computer suicide, even if you only visit respectable sites and even with anti-virus protection. Consider, at least, using a safer browser such as Mozilla Firefox.

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